The Bribes Continue!

Yet another Wepwawet / Dhehuty offering in support of a friend. I promise I’ll get off the shrine eye-candy and back to more substantive topics soon. Though it is fun to show off! Peonies from the garden. Wonderfully fragrant! Is … Continue reading

Putting On The Dog…


Jackal (sAb), actually. I decided to do a nice big bribe offering to Wepwawet to help a friend. The lilacs were gone, but some other flowers were blooming. Offerings consisted of blackberry whitbeer, blackberry yoghurt, four oil lamps, frankincense, myrrh, … Continue reading

Quote from Maen

 Maen is a House of Netjer member in Germany. After talking about Nut vs Hethert-as-day-sky-Goddess: Don’t you just love Kemetic theology? It’s like a kaleidoscope: twist it but a little, and another beautiful picture tumbles into place. Made up of … Continue reading

A fancier shrine- Inviting Bast Over


The lilacs were blooming, so I decided it was a good time to offer some on my shrine. I dedicated them to Bast. I’ve decided to use my Japanese ceramics in my shrine. That way I get to see them … Continue reading

A simple shrine.


Here’s a very simple shrine. In the beginners class for Kemetic Orthodoxy (House of Netjer), they suggest that you start out by doing a simple rite dedicated to Netjer (all the Gods and Goddesses), and not use an icon. This … Continue reading

Recon Recap: Sekhmet Destroying Humanity

Someone on the HoN board was contemplating Sekhmet’s near-destruction of humanity, and wondering if she was being especially nice these days to make up for it. Several people responded, saying that Sekhmet was not evil, she was doing her job … Continue reading

Geb and Nut


The Kemetic Orthodox Devotional Calendar lists today (Shomu 5) as “Geb and Nut are judged before the Netjeru” (Beautiful Feast of the Valley, Day 2). “Spend some of the day contemplating Geb and Nut.” So, inspired by Naydler’s┬áTemple of the … Continue reading

The Syncreticism of the Gods

The issue of syncretic deities is one of the difficult concepts to understand in Kemeticism. This article covers some interesting points, and makes distinctions between it and other ways that deities can combine. The link was mentioned by Amuntihera, on … Continue reading