Men and Women in Ancient Egypt

People The Egyptian word for people used in creation texts with a picture¬† of a man and a woman following the phonetic part of the word. Humanity seems to have been divided into two genders from the beginning. This is … Continue reading

Coffin Text #1130

Map of the netherworld from the coffin of Gua, from Deir el-Bersha, Egypt. 1985-1795 BC.  Ra says: Proceed in peace, that I may repeat to you the good deeds that my heart has done in the midst of the coiled one … Continue reading

Nekhtet! Nekhtet! Nekhtet!

The written job offer has finally come through and been accepted! Previous  Breakfast Offering Mummy Case and Roses. Rookwood Vase. Now we will need to plan thank-you duas for Wepwawet and Djehuty, so there are more Skype rituals to be … Continue reading

Wepwawet / Djehuty project, after the Festival

And the bribes continue. My friend has been getting very good news, hearing that they were very impressed in the interview. Final confirmation is the last stage of the actual petitioning process, and we’re still working on that. Unbalanced Offering? … Continue reading

Festival of Wepwawet

I subscribe to Neos Alexandria. It’s an interesting group- Kemetic, Greek, and Roman Reconstructionists, sharing information and publishing devotional books. They also send out calendar information. They listed the following for June 8th: Festival of Wepwawet:This modern Egyptian festival was … Continue reading

Naydler Quote: Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts #1

It was because of the perceived mystical basis of ancient Egyptian religion that across the ancient Greek and Hellenistic world, ancient Egypt had a reputation for being the fountainhead of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Many Greek and Roman accounts of … Continue reading

If not a shrine, then ???

Today, doing my ritual, it occurred to me that I’m not really operating a shrine right now. No images, and it’s really a big open invitation. It’s an offering table, right? If I had any blue tropical water lilies growing … Continue reading

Interview Day!

Only subtle differences in the layout, but the ritual was quite different. Since this was a critical day, I decided to adapt the Djehuty ritual from Reidy’s Eternal Egypt. This was quite a jump from the simpler rituals I’ve been … Continue reading