How to Cultivate “God-Awareness” (link)

Small shinto shrine

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It’s especially difficult for some beginners to establish any sort of shrine-work, even with an “easy” ritual like the Kemetic Orthodox Senut. Angelica (Facets of Gold) offers some great advice gleaned from Shinto practice on establishing daily awareness of the Divine:

Living Pagan: How to Cultivate “God-Awareness”

What do you think? Would this be an easier way to get started, or continue practice when you don’t have the time/energy to do a full ritual?

Shinto shrine

Shinto shrine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Bob Myers

    Hi; I am really glad to have found this blog. Gratitude for your good work. Some years ago, I found Donald Redford’s book, _The Ancient Gods Speak_, quite helpful, as it contains like 90 topical discussions of ancient Egyptian religious praxis by academic scholars. The cool thing is that all of these professional authors avoid sneering at the old ways, and have the interior, sympathetic point of view that the old OMP pamphlet by the CES said was needed among students and teachers of an authentic daily practice of ancient Egyptian religion. And, yes, being a shamanically based praxis, Shinto has a lot of good clues for AE devotions and sensibilities.

    • Helmsman Of-Inepu

      It’s apparently out of print, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’ve found Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods by Meeks & Meeks useful too.

      • Bob Myers

        Yeah, the narrative myths of Egypt, even in fragmented form, have a lot to say about deeper motivations and firmness of character that reflect tacit praxis clues.