Link: Mistakes with Sekhmet!

Tip #1: Do not drop your Sekhmet Icon.

My friend Veggiewolf posted To Err is (Human) Divine on her Fluid Morality blog, talking about mistakes she’s made, including ones with Sekhmet.

I was lucky. I jumped straight into Kemeticism without flailing around too much with other things. A friend helped me get started, so I benefited from all her research and understanding.

I also tend to network with a lot of Kemetics, both inside and outside the Kemetic Orthodox group. I think it helps to see a variety of approaches, both from the ‘that’s not for me’ and ‘I should look into that’ perspectives.

Does that mean I don’t make mistakes? Noooo. It probably means I make more interesting ones.

  • von186

    I want to hear more about these 'interesting' mistakes! Care to share a few? :3

    • The biggest one to come to mind relates to the godpal© business. It's especially prevalent in Kemetic Orthodoxy. There's a group of shemsu who are always chatting about going shopping or out to lunch with a Netjer parent or beloved. Their NTR are always there without fail to snark about a crappy TV show. No busy signals ever. When it's so prevalent, it's easy to get the impression that it's the only way it's supposed to be.

      Most of us these days can wrap our heads around the idea that there are different ways people can be 'wired' for sexuality, and that there's nothing inherently 'wrong' with most of them. Someone can be poly, mono, or non, for instance. Some people seem to work best when married, some not.

      Maybe the same is true for relating to the Netjeru? Some people work well in that 'patron' mode, maybe some people relate to a large group of NTR in a different way. And some don't need clear or direct contact at all. Maybe the Netjeru are interested in seeing what some people come up with on their own?

      There were some interesting responses on this recent cauldron thread:

      I also found out one of the Kemetic Orthodox priests doesn't get spiritual telegrams, and apparently wasn't issued any shemsu-powers in this regard. A couple of the other priests I admire don't seem to have the whole BFF/NTR relationship either.

      It's a mistake to flail around over it, but I have, and it's certainly wasted time and thought. Maybe I'm not supposed to have a patron, working with lots of them instead. Or maybe the buzzard doesn't like to talk much, and thinks one nonsensical whispered comment should be plenty. Or I haven't burned enough myrrh to wake teh fishy goddess yet. We shall see…

  • SatSekhem

    Mistakes are good. Awesome. And I'm loving that people are blogging about it!