• kiya_nicoll

    For bonus points: how much is Kemetic and how much is Feri? 😉

    • kiya_nicoll

      … and, for that matter, how many netjeru are referred to obliquely? Without rereading I know I've got Hetharu, Khepri, the Hermepolitan Ogdoad, and arguably (but notably more obscurely) Heru and Ptah….

      • True. I saw the "speaking yourself" as a Ptah reference when I first read it. Heru is the obscure reference for me, unless it's "you ruling the kingdom of yourself."

        I did a quick lookup on Feri when I first ran into the term, but your reference does make some sense from what little I know about it.

        In large part, Kemeticism in a modern context is in its infancy, and I'm glad to see you making a path forward, beyond trying to extract meaning from the Negative Confessions and collecting knickknacks.

      • kiya_nicoll

        I'm certainly trying to build something that works!

        There is an occasional reference to Heru under the title "He who lives in hearts" or something like that. Maybe "The God who lives in hearts". So the striving towards ma'at that resides in the heart is a manifestation of Heru, the god governing rulership and community.