Link: "They ate supper before they said Grace!" (Southern Fried Pagan)

Southern Fried Pagan: “They ate supper before they said Grace!”

An interesting “How do you start out in Egyptian religion?” answer by Rev. Sonya Miller. She’s Tameran/Wiccan, but this applies equally to recon paths.

I agree with her that “The Book of the Dead,” especially the old Budge translation is NOT the way to begin. 

What book would you pick if someone asked?

  • satsekhem

    Call me a child of technology, but I would give websites that I think are appropriate.

  • Seshathotep

    Which sites would be especially good for a beginner then?

  • thetwistedrope

    When people ask, I always recommend Temple of the Cosmos. It's an easy read, and brings most of the basic Kemetic concepts to the table in a very approachable way.

  • cosmic_cat84

    I agree with Temple of the Cosmos, and Geraldine Pinch. I have a coffee table book simply called Ancient Egypt that is pretty good. After the person had read those, then the Richard Reidy book, since it's more intermediate than beginner.I would agree with no Budge. And no books about Egypt aimed at pagans (except for Reidy; it's the only good one I've found) because they are usually filled with silly nonsense like secret temples in Atlantis built by space aliens. One I read presented ritual possession and opening of the mouth as something cute and fun you could do for the weekend or something, and that my patron is an evil god with a demon hoard army (Yes, really) who will destroy you if you let him into your life.