The Frog Goddess #1 (Pagan Blog Project #10a)


If you’re visiting Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Museum of Art has a nice Ancient Egyptian collection. One of the notable items is this statue of Heqet, reputed to be the largest in the world. She towers a full 15 cm … Continue reading

Execration! (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #09)


  The Forge of the Coppersmiths! Execration. It’s the more precise term for ‘curse.’ It comes from the Latin word “execrare.”  “Ex” meaning “out” (as in exterior) and “sacrare” meaning to make sacred (as in consecrate.) Tomb curses The most … Continue reading

Link: Podcast Interview With Rev. Tamara Siuda


Tawy House Hethert The head of Kemetic Orthodoxy, Rev. Tamara Suida, was interviewed for a podcast recently on a pagan/paranormal show. She tells how she got started in different traditions, purification, the gods, ancestors, explains syncretic deities, and ‘soft polytheism‘. … Continue reading

Link: Mistakes with Sekhmet!

Do not drop your Sekhmet Icon!

My friend Veggiewolf posted To Err is (Human) Divine on her Fluid Morality blog, talking about mistakes she’s made, including ones with Sekhmet. I was lucky. I jumped straight into Kemeticism without flailing around too much with other things. A friend … Continue reading

Link: F is for Fighting

Link to Shefytbast's site

  Shefytbast is a W’ab priest of Bast in Kemetic Orthodoxy. She’s participating in the Pagan Blog Project as well, and this is her latest entry. Highly recommended! 

Dedication (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #8)


The ancient Egyptians went to a lot of trouble for their religion. Herodotus certainly thought so, and said they were “religious to a higher degree than any other people.” The temple complex at Karnak, dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, … Continue reading

Dry Spells (Kemetic Roundtable #02a)

sand in a glass

Dry spells. The Fallow Times. Times when you have absolutely no contact with gods or goddesses. You don’t often hear about them unless you really dig in some of the forums. Why? They’re not that interesting to talk about. “I … Continue reading

Link: Hoeing Onions

onion flowers

Kiya (Darkhawk on eCauldron) writes some of the most thought-provoking Kemetic articles on the net. “Onion Hoer” has been her term for someone who is practicing the faith, but isn’t a priest in the “professional, working in the state-sponsored temple” … Continue reading