Putting On The Dog…

Offering for Wepwawet

Jackal (sAb), actually.

I decided to do a nice big bribe offering to Wepwawet to help a friend. The lilacs were gone, but some other flowers were blooming.

Flowers included Aliums, Shrub Roses, Spirea, Soapworts, and Kerria.

The Offerings

Offerings consisted of blackberry whitbeer, blackberry yoghurt, four oil lamps, frankincense, myrrh, amber, and sandalwood incense, cool water, amaretto, rum, coffee liquor, whole wheat bread I made with kamut sprouts, cheese, tahini, hot sauce, dark molasses, honey, caramels, graham crackers, 90% dark chocolate, and a Belgian chocolate starfish that looks like the glyph for “Dua!” Not shown is a mug of chai tea. Hope he and whoever else showed up liked it!

That’s my new little incense burner in the center. Black lacquered brass, with designs engraved through the lacquer. And I used a gold spoon for the yoghurt.

So, Dua Wepwawet, the Opener of the Way, and Your Sweet God of Love!

  • Setken

    Now that is an impressive offering! I feel outdone!!!! ;-)What do you do with everything when you feel the "heka" has passed (or that the offering has worked), and how long do you leave it out for?

  • Seshathotep

    "The Netjer will not be outdone in their generosity." I love that quote!This was for something special, a "let's shake something loose and make it happen" ritual. Several hours after the ritual something did indeed shake loose! "Dua Wepwawet" indeed! Heka? Maybe! I feel energized by it! The "subject" is quite capable and deserves this break, so it could have, and should have, happened on its own, but things that should happen don't always come through.I know some people leave things out for a long time, but I don't like to. The "shared meal" idea has a lot of appeal for me.At the end of the ritual, I back out of the room, closing the door and leaving the lamp(s) lit and the incense burning. They're on soapstone plates, so that's reasonably safe. I change clothes and then re-enter, doing the "reversion". Because I'm thinking of a shared meal, I don't see the reversion as a "Shoo! Go away!"- it's more like letting your guests have first pick, then you enjoying it with them. As I munch on the offerings I might talk, or read something (Temple of the Cosmos, currently.) I may even read passages aloud and comment on them. At some point I'll blow out the lamps, and turn the incense upside-down into the limestone to extinguish it.

  • Seshathotep

    Also since there were a number of sweets, I put most of them in a ziplock to eat or share later.Another little refinement: When I light the lamps I don't like the smoke that comes from the match when I blow it out. It competes with the incense. So I have a little bowl of water on the floor, and put the match in that to extinguish it. That works well.

  • Seshathotep

    Also, as you've probably noticed, I like to do things in fours for something big.

  • Setken

    Hey I am re-reading Temple Of the Cosmos right now too! I got it over 10 years ago – feel I have a better grip of it now on the re-read.