A is for Atum (Pagan Blog Project #1)

Atum the Self-Created

There are many creation myths from Ancient Egypt. The interesting thing is that ‘competing’ ones seem to have coexisted quite well. Ptah created everything. The goddess Mut did as well. So did Atum. There’s a nice little comic by Temwa on that … Continue reading

Naydler Quote: Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts #1

It was because of the perceived mystical basis of ancient Egyptian religion that across the ancient Greek and Hellenistic world, ancient Egypt had a reputation for being the fountainhead of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Many Greek and Roman accounts of … Continue reading

Interview Day!

Only subtle differences in the layout, but the ritual was quite different. Since this was a critical day, I decided to adapt the Djehuty ritual from Reidy’s Eternal Egypt. This was quite a jump from the simpler rituals I’ve been … Continue reading

The Bribes Continue!

Yet another Wepwawet / Dhehuty offering in support of a friend. I promise I’ll get off the shrine eye-candy and back to more substantive topics soon. Though it is fun to show off! Peonies from the garden. Wonderfully fragrant! Is … Continue reading

Geb and Nut


The Kemetic Orthodox Devotional Calendar lists today (Shomu 5) as “Geb and Nut are judged before the Netjeru” (Beautiful Feast of the Valley, Day 2). “Spend some of the day contemplating Geb and Nut.” So, inspired by Naydler’s Temple of the … Continue reading