Setken: Yesterday, Today and the Future: Kemetic Re-Manifestation


My friend Setken, one of my fellow Kemetic Interfaith Network bloggers, wrote an interesting post that posed several questions and invited comment. Take a look!¬†I’m putting my responses here. I think we Kemetics are making something very new. We can’t … Continue reading

Shrine Beautiful! (Offering for Wenut)


I’ve started a second website/blog called,¬†Enspiring, Enchanting Sacred Spaces- Altars and Shrines from Many Pagan Paths. Its goal is to go beyond being a photo collection, have people discuss the “why” and “how,” and categorize each shrine by path(s), … Continue reading

Dry Spells (Kemetic Roundtable #02a)

sand in a glass

Dry spells. The Fallow Times. Times when you have absolutely no contact with gods or goddesses. You don’t often hear about them unless you really dig in some of the forums. Why? They’re not that interesting to talk about. “I … Continue reading

Link: Being Kemetic Ain’t Easy

My flowers are burning!

Tabauamunet’s ‘B’ entry for the Pagan Blog Project, Being Kemetic Ain’t Easy. She shares the basics of Kemetic Orthodoxy, and some mishaps that probably didn’t seem funny at the time. Her last paragraph sums things up pretty well.

Link – Amazing Offering idea!

A gratuitous sphinx, related in only the most tenuous of ways!

In ancient Egypt, there was a well-established principle that a replica of something could be a magical stand-in for the real item. Tombs contained miniature houses and boats. Even servants- the ushabti, of course. In temples, the same principle applied. … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery – the Bast side-project # 2

The Ausir Misteries – The exciting Bast conclusion! You might remember from the last entry that we made an Osiris Bed, with lush green wheat grass. The miracle of life from “dead” wheat grain. Now it’s time to offer it! … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery – the Bast side-project # 1

The Ausir Mysteries – Bast Side Project Begins! Remember a few posts ago, when I had deliberately made a few more sprouts? What happened to them? A shallow pot, and some potting soil. I had a spare bonsai pot sitting … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 6

Ausir Mysteries – The Final Chapter? The Offering Bread is Baked! At last! Here’s the loaf. The top sunk a tiny bit, an indication that there was too much liquid, but at least it didn’t collapse. That’s a common problem … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 5

Ausir Mysteries – Sometimes You Need Some Dough! Again, the jar is full of sprouts. You can see the green grassy leaves. We take a few. I’m going to take a few of the sprouts to put in a whole … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 3

Ausir Mysteries – The Two Sprouts Day three. Way, way too many sprouts. It’s aliiiiive! As you can see, our little pile of wheat has grown. You  can also see the roots, even at this distance. You can clearly see … Continue reading