Cow Deities in Ancient Egypt? (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #6)

Hathor as Cow

auf deutsch: Kuhgestaltige Gottheiten in Ägypten (übersetzt von Sati) Cow deities. What in the world were those ancient Egyptians thinking? “Cow” doesn’t have many positive associations for us today: fat, ungainly, clumsy. “Bovine” means stupid, dull, inert, stolid, and sluggish. “Bull” … Continue reading

Set Theory 1.0

Heru and Sutekh I often get the idea that people don’t understand Balance, and the roles of Heru (Horus) and Sutekh (Set). One of the reasons is undoubtedly that due to the Christian influence on Western civilization we tend to … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery – the Bast side-project # 1

The Ausir Mysteries – Bast Side Project Begins! Remember a few posts ago, when I had deliberately made a few more sprouts? What happened to them? A shallow pot, and some potting soil. I had a spare bonsai pot sitting … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 6

Ausir Mysteries – The Final Chapter? The Offering Bread is Baked! At last! Here’s the loaf. The top sunk a tiny bit, an indication that there was too much liquid, but at least it didn’t collapse. That’s a common problem … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 5

Ausir Mysteries – Sometimes You Need Some Dough! Again, the jar is full of sprouts. You can see the green grassy leaves. We take a few. I’m going to take a few of the sprouts to put in a whole … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 2

Ausir Mysteries – The Saga Continues… Twelve to twenty-four hours later we pour out the water and take a look at our wheat. Kamut Grains, with rootlets! The grains are starting to get tiny rootlets- the little white protuberances at … Continue reading

DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 1

Osiris, Ausir, Wesir…. The Green Guy  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our planting season isn’t in synch with the calendar of ancient Egypt. By the time November rolls around it’s way too late to plant anything. And … Continue reading