Moomas Link: And there were stars: How a time out turned into the nighttime sky


Hathor as Cow

Moomas Link: And there were stars: How a time out turned into the nighttime sky A timely article on The Establishment of the Celestial Cow, by Rev. Tamara Siuda. Check it out!

Kemetic Storytellers, Episode #01


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a group of people who’d produce “radio dramas” of ancient Egyptian stories, and new ones set in Kemet? Well, there is! Here’s Episode #01 featuring Beauty and the Beak, and Bring the Flood. … Continue reading

The True Meaning of Moomas


I’ve been writing about Jackal’s Eve, the fictional Kemetic holiday in which Wepwawet and Yinepu deliver gifts on the Night Before Moomas. Moomas is, of course, based on “The Establishment of the Celestial Cow,” which was a relatively unimportant holiday … Continue reading

Link: Mistakes with Sekhmet!

Do not drop your Sekhmet Icon!

My friend Veggiewolf posted To Err is (Human) Divine on her Fluid Morality blog, talking about mistakes she’s made, including ones with Sekhmet. I was lucky. I jumped straight into Kemeticism without flailing around too much with other things. A friend … Continue reading

Animal-Headed Deities (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #2)

Khnum, the Baaa of Ra

“… you dog-faced Egyptian swathed in linens, who are you my excellent fellow? How do you claim to be a god, you with your barking? And what’s the meaning of this spotted bull from Memphis being worshiped, giving oracles and … Continue reading

The Beaky One, he’s not just the Lord of Wisdom anymore…

I’m talking about Djehuty, of course.  “The Beaky One” is really one of his epithets!  In the past, I was never that interested in him. I could never figure out how to pronounce the name “Thoth”. Does it rhyme with … Continue reading

Recon Recap: Sekhmet Destroying Humanity

Someone on the HoN board was contemplating Sekhmet’s near-destruction of humanity, and wondering if she was being especially nice these days to make up for it. Several people responded, saying that Sekhmet was not evil, she was doing her job … Continue reading