The True Meaning of Moomas


I’ve been writing about Jackal’s Eve, the fictional Kemetic holiday in which Wepwawet and Yinepu deliver gifts on the Night Before Moomas. Moomas is, of course, based on “The Establishment of the Celestial Cow,” which was a relatively unimportant holiday … Continue reading

Here Comes Wepwawet! Moomas fun!


Here comes Wepwawet, here comes Wepwawet, Openin’ the Wepwawet way! He’s got a sledge pulled by Golden Jackals, Pullin’ on the reins! Sistra are shakin’, merry makin’ All is merry and bright! Light your incense, make your offerings, ‘Cause Wepwawet … Continue reading

Kemetic Meme #2 – Moo-mass.


This year, the holiday of “The Establishment of the Celestial Cow” falls on December 25th in the Kemetic Orthodox calendar. It’s been dubbed “Moo-mas,” and it gives members an excuse to use up some of their time off to plan … Continue reading

Link – Amazing Offering idea!

A gratuitous sphinx, related in only the most tenuous of ways!

In ancient Egypt, there was a well-established principle that a replica of something could be a magical stand-in for the real item. Tombs contained miniature houses and boats. Even servants- the ushabti, of course. In temples, the same principle applied. … Continue reading

Link: Per-Sabu: House of Jackals

Wepwawet While I’m on the subject of resource links, if you have an interest in the Jackal Deities, Per-Sabu is a treasure of information. Check it out! It’s just been started recently, so more information is still being added. I’ve … Continue reading

Nekhtet! Nekhtet! Nekhtet!

The written job offer has finally come through and been accepted! Previous  Breakfast Offering Mummy Case and Roses. Rookwood Vase. Now we will need to plan thank-you duas for Wepwawet and Djehuty, so there are more Skype rituals to be … Continue reading

Wepwawet / Djehuty project, after the Festival

And the bribes continue. My friend has been getting very good news, hearing that they were very impressed in the interview. Final confirmation is the last stage of the actual petitioning process, and we’re still working on that. Unbalanced Offering? … Continue reading

Festival of Wepwawet

I subscribe to Neos Alexandria. It’s an interesting group- Kemetic, Greek, and Roman Reconstructionists, sharing information and publishing devotional books. They also send out calendar information. They listed the following for June 8th: Festival of Wepwawet:This modern Egyptian festival was … Continue reading

The Bribes Continue!

Yet another Wepwawet / Dhehuty offering in support of a friend. I promise I’ll get off the shrine eye-candy and back to more substantive topics soon. Though it is fun to show off! Peonies from the garden. Wonderfully fragrant! Is … Continue reading

Putting On The Dog…


Jackal (sAb), actually. I decided to do a nice big bribe offering to Wepwawet to help a friend. The lilacs were gone, but some other flowers were blooming. Offerings consisted of blackberry whitbeer, blackberry yoghurt, four oil lamps, frankincense, myrrh, … Continue reading