To "Pagan" or not to "Pagan": That is the Question.

An interesting blog entry:

Kna’ani: Impressions of Tess Dawson, a Canaanite Polytheist.

I wonder if the various polytheist / reconstructionist religions should perhaps build on overall identity, instead of identifying ourselves as Pagans.

I especially notice this issue on The Cauldron. Their Reformed Kemeticism SIG is a great resource, but you can tell on the board that Wiccans rule the roost on the general site. It can be amusing, especially on the subject of “Magick” It’s often assumed that everyone works within the “Rule of Three“, or other Wiccan traditions, and the recon folks will laugh and say “Nope! My Gods don’t work that way!”

It looks like our fellow Polytheists deal with a lot of the same issues, and we should definitely keep track of each other.

What do you think? Do you find a stronger connection to other recon traditions than you do to general “Paganism?” Could we hold “Polytheist Pride Day?”

  • Seshathotep

    Thanks to my new subscriber Benel! I found Tess Dawson's blog through his.

  • Lunatic Heathen

    Getting Pagans/Polytheists to work together is like herding cats. Believe me, I've tried. I started a Pagan student group in college, meaning all pagans (using the classical definition, anything non-Abrahamic), and I got a few weird looks for saying I had never been Wiccan. I didn't start in KO, I was more into Stregheria at that moment, but I was also reaching into history, looking for what the Etruscans did. Guess I've always been more of an "old school" Polytheist. My thing now, is that I don't know if I can call myself a Pagan. By strict definition, I am, but then it's assumed I'm a European-styled Pagan. But I say "Kemetic Orthodox with a splash of Vodou" and I get blank looks. Just like when I was a Strega – when I was in Alabama, I admit to saying "Yeah, sure" when asked if I was a Wiccan, in response to my pentagram necklace. It was just easier than explaining, and better than "Are you Jewish?" To the world, Wiccans are weird,and we're weirder! xD

  • Seshathotep

    I do think that the various recon faiths can have more of an appreciation for what they're doing. Neos Alexandria seems to be an example of that. A lot of Wiccans seem to assume that everyone else is Wiccan too. I like the "splash of Voudou"

  • fiersflame

    I don't think Wiccans really 'rule the roost' at The Cauldron. There are actually very few of them there. I think the people crying 'rule of three' are mostly fluffy newbies.

  • Seshathotep

    I suppose it just seems like the SIGs are just the tiniest little corner of the whole thing. Though I must admit that many of the people I have met on the MUX have rather wide brilliant streaks.

  • Benel

    Bahathu Seshathotep!Just to let you know, I have two blogs by the name 'Bet-Ilim'. One of them is an older blog with a grey background and only one post (an intro), while the other is a newer blog with a few more posts and a background image showing a piece of artwork I made.The older blog I do not use anymore as it wouldn't let me upload a background image for some reason, so there will be no more posts appearing on that blog. The newer blog will be where my posts will be going from now on.I look forward to reading your blog.Shalam,Ben-el

  • Lunatic Heathen

    Heh, might more than a "splash" of Vodou, but it's there. And it's not Euro-Pagan. I've not been over at the Cauldron much, but I know that lots of people assume I'm Wiccan when I say "Pagan." It's frustrating.

  • Seshathotep

    I know, but you're the one who said "splash" 😀

  • Sobeq

    I do choose to consider myself Pagan, with some concern for legal and political issues. I also find it a little pointless to isolate myself from others by saying "well we have similar goals and ideologies, but we do things differently so we're not alike". I'd rather take a more inclusive worldview where I can feel comfortable in a broader community, even with a great deal of variation. 🙂

  • satsekhem

    I consider myself a pagan, though I mostly just utilize that title as an easy, breezy answer. That way, I don't have to go into the specifics of what I do or what I practice with people who don't know/get/want to know what polytheism is.It would be nice, though, to meet up with other polytheists.

  • zabetra

    I love Tess Dawson. I've been reading her blog for a while now and I completely agree with her on a lot of points as I have had many of the same experiences here within our local Pagan community. While I do accept the fact that I am technically Pagan, I choose to self identify as Polytheist when I do not just say outright that I am Kemetic Orthodox or a Kemetic Revivalist.

  • Seshathotep

    And it depends on the situation too. Sometimes an answer like "yeah, something like that" will suffice.

  • meresaset

    When asked what I am, I generally say Egyptian Pagan as most people won't understand Kemetic or polytheist. If they ask me to explain further,I do, if not then I leave it for them to draw their own conclusions. I even have a lady customer comment how "pagan" I am because of my necklaces. She must have assumed Wiccan because as soon as she was leaving she left me with "Blessed be". My mentally handicapped sister has her book "Whisper of Stone" and I've read Tess's blog as to help her learn more about Cannanite Polytheism.