Animal-Headed Deities (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #2)

Khnum, the Baaa of Ra

“… you dog-faced Egyptian swathed in linens, who are you my excellent fellow? How do you claim to be a god, you with your barking? And what’s the meaning of this spotted bull from Memphis being worshiped, giving oracles and … Continue reading

Link: eCauldron Kemetic FAQ

How To Answer Questions About Kemeticism

It’s not easy to find, but this is the FAQ from the eCauldron Kemetic Special Interest Group. It might help with answering someone else’s questions. Or yours. Would you answer any of these questions differently? How?

A is for Atum (Pagan Blog Project #1)

Atum the Self-Created

There are many creation myths from Ancient Egypt. The interesting thing is that ‘competing’ ones seem to have coexisted quite well. Ptah created everything. The goddess Mut did as well. So did Atum. There’s a nice little comic by Temwa on that … Continue reading

Link: Faith


Faith: Something you do, or something you’re ambushed by? A post by Raheriwesir, a w’ab prist of Wesir in Kemetic Orthodoxy: Faith. I’ve been working on a post about ‘godchatter,’ and this is a good pre-introduction to it. Faith is … Continue reading