If not a shrine, then ???

Today, doing my ritual, it occurred to me that I’m not really operating a shrine right now. No images, and it’s really a big open invitation. It’s an offering table, right? If I had any blue tropical water lilies growing right now, I would have thrown them on top, and it would have been completely obvious.

Offering table!

So, what you’ve been looking at for the last few days has been the Quirky Vegetarian Lunch Counter for the Netjeru!

Em Hotep! Just sit wherever you like, and I’ll be with you two to take your order in just a moment!
  • Setken

    So I did wonder where the images were, but my feeling is that because you did the dedication to the particular Netjeru in question, they would know. I think ritual has a science to it for sure, but I also think, just like Rev. Suida says in the Egyptian Prayerbook, "as long as you take time to pray – it is all good". (I paraphrase of course). Meaning, sure there could be absolute optimum ways to excecute our rituals, offerings and prayers, but as long as we start somewhere . . . .

  • Lunatic Heathen

    *giggles madly at the last caption* xD