Link: eCauldron Kemetic FAQ

How To Answer Questions About Kemeticism

It’s not easy to find, but this is the FAQ from the eCauldron Kemetic Special Interest Group. It might help with answering someone else’s questions. Or yours.

Would you answer any of these questions differently? How?

  • Setken

    I agree that it stands as a good guide that will be helpful to new people looking to find their way through Kemeticism.The only section that may need review is Number 12. I believe that one of the later dynasties was indeed Nubian and I recall seeing statuary of the pharaohs that reflected this fact.Tamara Suida wrote part of her thesis on this subject I believe so it would be good for her to chime in here if she is reading.

  • Seshathotep

    You're right. It should say "Some, including Piye and his dynasty, definitely were." Not all the royal wives were Nubian, so the dynasty may have gotten a little less Nubian as time went by. Egyptians had been visiting and invading Nubia for a long time so it's questionable if the modern notion of total racial purity would apply either way, and probably wouldn't have made much sense to them. Piye was certainly notable for the religious and cultural revival he started, and for re-unifying Egypt… again. He's certainly one of the more important pharaohs! It's a shame that so little attention is paid to the Nubian empire of Meroe, unjustly ignored in all the racial posturing.