Neenee and em hotep!

Kemetic Reconnaissance just hit 1,500 pageviews. I’m very happy with that- it’s a pretty specialized subject, and my first post was in February of this year. Here’s the run-down:

Hits by country.

The big surprise was Brazil. Bem-vindo, meus amigos, feliz ano novo! (Thank the NTR for Google Translate.) There is a growing group of House of Netjer members in Brazil, and new members from other South American countries are joining. I’ve also discovered the French Kemetics, who should come as no surprise because the French have been studying Kemet since the time of Napoleon, at least.

So, welcome again. We’ll see where this new year takes us!

  • Qefathethert

    Bienvenue all French Kemetics! As a NOLA girl, this makes me all happy and squishy inside. 😀

  • PautKhepera

    Hotep, Sesha!I am PautKhepera, HON Shemsu of Brazilian and I am! It is with great joy that I come to your blog and I read it with the help of Google Translator wanted! LOL!Here we celebrate Wep Ronpet … I, my husband Paqeni, Tanakh and Hap! We are very happy because it was the first meeting between Brazilian brothers!I hope that even with the language barrier, we're friends!Senebty and brotherly hugs.

  • Seshathotep

    Hotep Paul! I think I was at your naming ceremony!I also think I saw the photo of your gathering, if you all were holding a Brazilian flag. You are way ahead of me- I have only met two Kemetic people in person so far!I just discovered that if you translate a whole website with google translate, you can bookmark or link the resulting url and have things translated automatically. So wonderful!

  • Setken

    I'm thinking the Aussie bit may be partly 'cause of me 🙂 😉