Setken: Yesterday, Today and the Future: Kemetic Re-Manifestation


My friend Setken, one of my fellow Kemetic Interfaith Network bloggers, wrote an interesting post that posed several questions and invited comment. Take a look! I’m putting my responses here. I think we Kemetics are making something very new. We can’t … Continue reading

Kemetic Interfaith Network- Checking Back

Gratuitous Shrine Pic Back in July, I did an initial look at the Kemetic Interfaith Network forum. How’s it been doing? Surprisingly well! At the moment, there are 154 registered users on it, and 2,728 posts. The Kemetic world is … Continue reading

Link: Kemetic Creation Story (Southern Fried Pagan)

Here’s an interesting re-telling and synthesis of many of the Kemetic creation stories by the Rev. Sonia Miller. It’s Tameran in outlook, but it’s still a great example of how you can take personal lessons from the ancient myths. Faster … Continue reading

Neenee and em hotep!


Kemetic Reconnaissance just hit 1,500 pageviews. I’m very happy with that- it’s a pretty specialized subject, and my first post was in February of this year. Here’s the run-down: Hits by country. The big surprise was Brazil. Bem-vindo, meus amigos, … Continue reading

Kemetic Interfaith Network, can it really work?

Many of you will have already seen this, but if not… A New Year’s Gift for Kemet and Her People Will the new Kemetic Interfaith Network forum realize its purpose? I hope so! I’ve often felt like I’m in Life … Continue reading