Kemetic Interfaith Network- Checking Back

Gratuitous Shrine Pic

Back in July, I did an initial look at the Kemetic Interfaith Network forum. How’s it been doing? Surprisingly well!

At the moment, there are 154 registered users on it, and 2,728 posts. The Kemetic world is a small one, so if you’re active on some of the other forums, you’ll recognize many of the same people.

I’m thrilled to see a larger number of Kemetic Orthodox members participating. On the other forums, only a handful of them seem to make an appearance and give their perspective on things. KIN isn’t dominated by the House of Netjer- sadly, many members see no reason to talk to anyone “outside.” So KIN seems to be getting the crème de la crème.

One of the most interesting things on KIN is seeing the Rev. Tamara Siuda, the head of Kemetic Orthodoxy, posting as “Tamara.” On a discussion of “Deities and Popularity?” Tamara gave the most detailed description of the Rite of Parent Divination I had ever seen! The usual description being “it uses cowrie shells.”

Nekhtet to KIN, and thanks to Bezenwepy for being the admin, and Banu and Shuri as moderators!