Reconstruction? Revival? Reform? Really? Are you HIP?


Kemetic Reconstruction, Revival, Reform. We “know” what the words mean in this context, but nobody else seems to. When we mention our path, others have the impression that it’s a soulless attempt to re-create a past that can never come … Continue reading

Link: Missing Link: When Ancestors Don’t Match Your Religion?

An interesting blog post by Tess Dawson, Canaanaite Polytheist. Missing Link: When Ancestors Don’t Match Your Religion. This is an issue for almost all Kemetics. How do you approach it?

To "Pagan" or not to "Pagan": That is the Question.

An interesting blog entry: Kna’ani: Impressions of Tess Dawson, a Canaanite Polytheist. I wonder if the various polytheist / reconstructionist religions should perhaps build on overall identity, instead of identifying ourselves as Pagans. I especially notice this issue on The … Continue reading