A simple shrine.

A simple shrine that could be used for a Kemetic Orthodox Senut rite.

Here’s a very simple shrine. In the beginners class for Kemetic Orthodoxy (House of Netjer), they suggest that you start out by doing a simple rite dedicated to Netjer (all the Gods and Goddesses), and not use an icon. This one makes use of flame (candle on a soapstone plate), incense (the little bowl to the right with stick incense stuck in sand or something else to hold it, a container¬† to hold the water for the libations, and the container to pour it into.

You could use a placemat for the altar cloth. The whole set-up cost less than $5, I think, with some judicious thrift store purchases. I prefer using my little oil lamp, so I “borrowed” the candle for illustration.

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