DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 4

Ausir Mysteries – A New Hope
More sprouts! When will it end?

If you remember, in our last installment, I’d removed about half the sprouts. The next day the jar is fuller than before! Is one of you sneaking in more sprouts?

More sprouts out of the jar for an offering salad.

I’m taking more out. In addition to the roots, we’re seeing the first bits of green leaf showing up. You can notice a little green tinge.

Sprouts as an offering
So… on to the offering table they go!
A close up
What’s next, do you think?
In some ways, starting with too many seeds might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re sharing it with children. They’d get a little something out of it each day, instead of waiting, waiting, waiting…