DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 5

Ausir Mysteries – Sometimes You Need Some Dough!
Again, the jar is full of sprouts. You can see the green grassy leaves.
We take a few.

I’m going to take a few of the sprouts to put in a whole wheat bread. You don’t want to use too many, or it will throw off the liquid balance of the bread. Just think of all the water those sprouts have been soaking up.

Of course I’m lazy…

Now, I could knead up this bread the old-fashioned way, but I’m  a lazy Kemetic. So into the bread machine it goes. I have cut down on the amount of liquid I’ve added by about a quarter cup, to allow for the  sprouts.

Kneading Some Dough

The mixing process has started. You can still see bits of green, but when the kneading is done the grain  and sprouts will be completely mixed into the bread and we won’t see them. No buggy-looking sprouts, I promise you! They will add considerably to the nutrition.