DIY Ausir Mystery (Bast too!) Part 6

Ausir Mysteries – The Final Chapter?
The Offering Bread is Baked!

At last! Here’s the loaf. The top sunk a tiny bit, an indication that there was too much liquid, but at least it didn’t collapse. That’s a common problem when you’re adding ingredients with a liquid component. It might have helped if I had put the sprouts in my measuring cup and added the water and egg to that so they’d be included in the total- I’ll have to try it the next time.

Fresh, Sliced Offering Bread!
A close up…

The kneading process blends in the sprouts completely. Even the grain ends up being mashed. So the texture is pretty much that of a regular whole wheat. If I’d used a little less liquid, or had used milk, the texture might have been finer. We’ll call it an “artisan” bread.

On the Offering Table

There’s our bread, made up into a sandwich. Overall, everything worked out pretty well. So, that’s it for the DIY Ausir mystery. The miracle of the renewal of life, and some tasty salads and offering bread as well, can’t beat that! Senebty!

… oh wait…. We’ve got the Bast side project, don’t we? See you next time!