Festival of Wepwawet

I subscribe to Neos Alexandria. It’s an interesting group- Kemetic, Greek, and Roman Reconstructionists, sharing information and publishing devotional books. They also send out calendar information. They listed the following for June 8th:

Festival of Wepwawet:
This modern Egyptian festival was converted to the Egyptian calendar on 8 Epiphi.

Process with an image of Wepwawet or something representing Him around your home, or in an outdoor place if you have access to one. Make offerings to Him. Consider the possibilities in your own life, and the ways that have been opened for you. What doors still need opening? What paths branch off? What possibilities do you not see yet? Ask Him for guidance, and reflect on the courage and strategy sometimes needed for this work. Take the first steps on the opened way, and if possible, help open the way for others.

This seemed perfect for our “bribe” project, so we crafted a sunrise ritual to do together over Skype.

Portable Offering Table, with a hammered copper tray as a backdrop.

I had a little laptop just to the right- you can see the power plug. We did the ritual actions together, 1,200 miles distant from each other. She wrote a petition, and I wrote up my copy, shown behind the vase. The section in red asks that he “turn aside her rivals.” A rather gentle form of execration, but we don’t want them destroyed- finding a job elsewhere would be just fine.

Breakfast Offerings

We also processed around inside our houses with covered images of Wepwawet, then uncovered them on the altar.

Did it work? We shall see!