Geb and Nut- and "I am Shu!"

Geb and Nut.. and Shu, Ra, Ma’at, Duat, and Heka

One of the striking things about Kemetic rituals is that it’s common to declare yourself as one of the netjeru. It’s difficult for us to wrap our minds around that and to actually say it. “I am Sekhmet!” “I am Djehuty!” Somehow you expect a lightning bolt for being so egotistical.

A ritual utterance Richard Reidy gives in Eternal Egypt is “I am Shu. I have come to perform this rite for Djehuty, mighty of heka power.”

Why Shu? Shu opened up a space between Geb and Nut in which the universe could exist. By declaring yourself to be Shu, you are opening up a space in which you perform the rite. A special little sacred bubble universe for you and the netjeru.

So raise your arms and give a push!