Introducing the Kemetic Roundtable!


There seems to be a lot of anxiety over starting out in Kemetic religion. The web contains a wealth of misinformation, and what looks legitimate sometimes seems forbiddingly complex. It took me a while to actually get started, and I was lucky enough to have a friend guide me to good resources and answer my questions. Even people who have been around in the Kemetic sphere for a while sometimes worry that they’re ‘doing it wrong,’ or that they’ll be in for severe criticism if they talk about what they do in detail.  When I talk to some people about sending in an entry to ShrineBeautiful, for instance, they worry that their shrine may prompt a storm of criticism.

I’ve considered doing a Kemetic 101 or Beginner Guide for Kemetic Reconnaissance, but some of my friends, including Devo and Satsekhem have already started their own. I didn’t want to duplicate their efforts.

It’s gradually dawned on me that, out of my circle of Kemetic friends, nobody does things exactly the same way! And that somehow, everyone seems to get along pretty well.

That’s how the idea for the Kemetic Roundtable was born. Instead of just one person answering questions, we’ll have a group of bloggers answering each question, with a new question every two weeks. The variety of approaches and answers should be fascinating. Beginners can see that there’s more than one true way, and perhaps it will help encourage more communication and community.

Our first question: “How do you prepare for doing a ritual? What is ritual purity?” will be posted soon.

If you’re interested in participating, check out the introduction.

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