Kemetic Orthodox Dua- Beautiful Reunion

On June 22nd, the Kemetic Orthodox group celebrated the Feast of the Beautiful Reunion.

In the original festival, the statue of Hethert took a 100-mile, four-day boat journey from Dendera to Edfu, to be reunited with Heru-Behdety. Descriptions of the historic processions are here and here.

Beautiful Reunion Dua

 Music is one of Hethert’s spheres, so those attending were supposed to have brought a sistrum or other musical instrument to play. However, nobody attending had heard about that, so we all had to go looking for something to play. Luckily I had a lot of instruments nearby. I grabbed a gourd rattle I had grown and made (and will eventually decorate.) At two parts of the festival, participants were encouraged to play, clap, etc. Since it was a text ritual, we didn’t hear what the others were doing. During one of them, I also got out one of my one-key wooden flutes, and played a hornpipe. Not particularly Kemetic, but joyful. There was also a section in which the Nisut got the wedding vestments for the couple, and processed them around, and we chanted and played during that.

Beautiful Reunion Dua Offerings

 Offerings this time around included lemon yogurt, blueberry juice, rum, amaretto, wine, coffee liquor, cool water, incense, graham crackers, dried cranberries, two kinds of chocolate, chai tea, multi-grain bread I had baked fresh, with goat cheese, some olives, and a hot Mexican pickle.

A very enjoyable event, attended by more than twenty members. Afterwards, several of us met in the “fellowship” chat room. I learned that one of the members decided to start teaching himself flute after seeing that I was playing one for the festival.