Kemetic Orthodox Dua- Tepy-Semdet (Full Moon Festival)

Tepy-Semdet Offering Table

The evening of June 15, the House of Netjer held one of their online Duas, via IRC chat. I enjoy these, even though they’re done remotely as text-only. Knowing that other people around the globe are doing the same chat ritual makes it a lot more interesting and adds some power. This particular one honored Wesir, Djehuty, Iah, Khonsu, and Heru-sa-Aset. Since I’d been doing the Heka project with Djehuty (and have mentioned Khonsu several times in the Safari story already) it was even more of a must-attend for me.

One of my favorite quotes from Reidy is “The Netjeru are not to be outdone in generosity.” Also: “Food brings us and the Netjeru into contact with the mysterious creative powers of life. The offering of food, therefore, represents far more than a lovely gesture of generosity toward the Netjeru. it represents in a material way the renewal of life.

Besides the “usual”, I cooked some Kamut wheat berries, and added garlic, cheese, and salsa. I also baked some whole-wheat bread and spread goat cheese on it. And a very nice beer in the bowl on the upper right.

Shrub Roses and the petition sarcophagus.

The two people leading the dua took turns “reading” appropriate sections from the Book of Going forth by Day to create nice little lunar festival for Iah and Khonsu.

Offering Table

Afterward I chatted with several of the attendees in the “fellowship” room. A very nice little Kemetic festival.