Link – Amazing Offering idea!

A gratuitous sphinx, related in only the most tenuous of ways!

In ancient Egypt, there was a well-established principle that a replica of something could be a magical stand-in for the real item. Tombs contained miniature houses and boats. Even servants- the ushabti, of course.

In temples, the same principle applied. Menu lists of offerings, magically activated, could substitute for real ones if necessary.  Important symbolic offerings like a leg of beef might be too big or messy to wave around, so they carved and painted wooden legs to offer.

My friend Bezenwepwy brought this idea into her shrine with tiny fake glasses of beer, so she can offer some to Wepwawet without having to drink any herself. You can see them, and a tiny loaf of bread in front of the flower vase.

Now my friend Devo has taken this concept even further!