Putting On The Dog…

Offering for Wepwawet

Jackal (sAb), actually.

I decided to do a nice big bribe offering to Wepwawet to help a friend. The lilacs were gone, but some other flowers were blooming.

Flowers included Aliums, Shrub Roses, Spirea, Soapworts, and Kerria.

The Offerings

Offerings consisted of blackberry whitbeer, blackberry yoghurt, four oil lamps, frankincense, myrrh, amber, and sandalwood incense, cool water, amaretto, rum, coffee liquor, whole wheat bread I made with kamut sprouts, cheese, tahini, hot sauce, dark molasses, honey, caramels, graham crackers, 90% dark chocolate, and a Belgian chocolate starfish that looks like the glyph for “Dua!” Not shown is a mug of chai tea. Hope he and whoever else showed up liked it!

That’s my new little incense burner in the center. Black lacquered brass, with designs engraved through the lacquer. And I used a gold spoon for the yoghurt.

So, Dua Wepwawet, the Opener of the Way, and Your Sweet God of Love!