Sutekh and Heru (Set Theory 1.2)

Horus and Set

Heru and Sutekh

“If Horus be respected, Seth will be divine, and vice versa.” – Book of the Dead, tr. Raymond O. Faulkner”

I’ve written about Horus and Set and the balance in Set Theory 1.0 and Set Theory 1.1, and this fits the theme of balance and counters the portrayal of Set as the ‘comic book bad guy’.

The quote comes from Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead. This is the introduction:

“Here begin praises and recitations, going in and out of the God’s Domain, having benefit in the beautiful West, being in the suite of Osiris, resing at the food-table of Wennefer, going out into the day, taking any shape in which he desires to be, playing at Senet, sitting in a booth, and going forth as a living soul by the Osiris Ani after he has died. It is beneficial to him who does it on earth.”

The Allen translation is slightly different:

“If Horus becomes pure, Seth ‘is bound’ AND VICE VERSA” – Book of the Dead, tr. Thomas George Allen, SAOC 37

Any thoughts on the phrase “It is beneficial to him who does it on earth?”