The Bribes Continue!

Yet another Wepwawet / Dhehuty offering in support of a friend. I promise I’ll get off the shrine eye-candy and back to more substantive topics soon. Though it is fun to show off!

Peonies from the garden. Wonderfully fragrant!
Is the bud for Zep Tepi? You can see the incense rising above the flowers.
The offerings. The Toad Warriors mugs are “guest” items.

Offerings included pomegranate juice, Greek yogurt, flame, incense: frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, and amber. Tea: chai (for Wepwawet) and green – cranberry (for Djehuty). Also thimblefuls of El Gato wine, rum, amaretto, and coffee liqueur. The mugs, wine, and liqueur are meant to create a Heka-link to the person I’m doing this for. Pickles, dried cranberries, chocolate-covered cranberries, and dark chocolate comprise the next row. The sandwiches are whole-wheat multigrain I just made, with farmers cheese, olive tapanade, garlic, tahini, and hot sauce. And the two containers for water libation.

Doing this Kemetic offering seems a lot more powerful than simple prayer. There’s a lot more planning up-front- Who are the best deities to address for this? Wepwawet for creating the opportunity? Djehuty for the wisdom and persuasiveness needed for the interview? What offerings would they like? What’s  available? Then setting the whole thing up. As you can probably tell, I try to work in some “fours” for extra power, and come up with a pleasant arrangement.

Then there’s mixing up the natron water and dedication, showering, doing the opening rite, and working in the private prayers. I also do a little Ma’at prayer that I modified from Wisner’s Eye of the Sun:

Ma’at, Daughter of Ra, Balance that Rules the World. My heart is open. There is no darkness in my breast. Fill me with your truth, as we become one.

The original says “Eye of Ra,” but I’m not sure that she is an Eye. I chant that four times.

After backing out of the room, I change clothes, return, and revert the offerings. It makes for a rather nice lunch, and I read a bit of Naydler’s Temple of the Cosmos. Then clean everything up and pack it away.

As I mentioned in the previous entries, this is a rather special project, so it’s more like doing a festival than a basic daily rite. The whole thing feels charged with meaning and power.

How about you? Do you vary your rites? Do special ones and more normal ones?