The Frog Goddess #1 (Pagan Blog Project #10a)


If you’re visiting Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Museum of Art has a nice Ancient Egyptian collection. One of the notable items is this statue of Heqet, reputed to be the largest in the world. She towers a full 15 cm in height. Made of Egyptian travertine marble, the sculptor used a natural vein in the stone to highlight the front of the carving.


The statue is dated to the predynastic period or first dynasty, circa 2,950 BCE. Very early indeed.

and More Heqet

Heqet is not one of the Ogdoad deities of Hermopolis. They consist of four frog-aspected gods and four snake-aspected goddesses.

Heqet looking away

At some point, probably the early 20th century, the base of the statue was carved out, probably to house an electric bulb and placed on a stairway post. How would you like a 5,000-year-old glowing frog goddess on your stairway?

Reputed to be the largest Heqet statue in the world!

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