Wepwawet / Djehuty project, after the Festival

And the bribes continue. My friend has been getting very good news, hearing that they were very impressed in the interview. Final confirmation is the last stage of the actual petitioning process, and we’re still working on that.

Unbalanced Offering?

If it looks a bit unbalanced, it is! I took the photos after reversion, and the empty libation cup that would have been on the left is off the table. The main dish of the offering was Quinoa with cheese, tapanade, beans, and salsa. It’s also a bit scrambled, because I had started eating it before I remembered to take the photos! Oops! At least the saucer of beer to the left was still untouched.

Roses, Peonies, and… a Mummy Case???

The floral offering included more of the peonies, and some roses. The dark red rose variety is “Dr. Huey”. It was used as a rootstock to graft a more “desirable” rose onto. You find them in older neighborhoods and cemeteries- they spring up when the temperamental graft dies. The nice thing about them is that they are extremely fragrant, have a lot of blooms, and don’t require much in the way of care. No wonder nobody wants to grow them!

But the mummy case? It’s resin, and I just got it for a dollar at a yard sale. When we did the Wepwawet Festival on Skype, I wrote a petition for this project. After the festival, I rolled it up and tied it with red and black threads. I needed someplace to put it after the festival. The idea sprang into my mind that I should put the petition there. In a coffin? I thought about it more, and it seemed right. Several days later I was reading Richard Reidy’s Eternal Egypt:

The use of the mummiform does not so much refer to lifeless corpses as it does to the hidden transformations taking place… Cocooned in mummiform wrappings, Ra is like a chrysalis, potent with life and preparing to emerge rejuvenated and restored.

So the petition has been working its changes in a protective shell, hidden from view.