Why Follow an Ancient Religion?


Why DO we worship the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt? “Why Follow An Ancient Religion?“, from the website of the Kemetic Temple of San Jose (one of two temples that author Richard Reidy is associated with,) might be a … Continue reading

Sutekh and Heru (Set Theory 1.2)

Horus and Set

“If Horus be respected, Seth will be divine, and vice versa.” – Book of the Dead, tr. Raymond O. Faulkner” I’ve written about Horus and Set and the balance in Set Theory 1.0 and Set Theory 1.1, and this fits … Continue reading

Link: Being Kemetic Ain’t Easy

My flowers are burning!

Tabauamunet’s ‘B’ entry for the Pagan Blog Project, Being Kemetic Ain’t Easy. She shares the basics of Kemetic Orthodoxy, and some mishaps that probably didn’t seem funny at the time. Her last paragraph sums things up pretty well.

Link: Genesis – more Kemetic Creation stories

More on Creation Stories

I‘ve written several times on creation, A is for Atum being the most recent. For a wider view, Kiya (Darkhawk on eCaludron) has written another excellent post on Kemetic creation, bringing Zep-Tepi into our lives: Genesis. Congratulations to her on … Continue reading

Bathtime! (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #4)

The Importance of Ritual Bathing in Kemetic Practice

Wash before doing a ritual. In fact, do a ritual for washing! That’s the usual Kemetic practice. Before giving some specifics, let’s take a look at the reasoning behind it. Ritual is something that follows a pattern, and it’s done … Continue reading

Link – Amazing Offering idea!

A gratuitous sphinx, related in only the most tenuous of ways!

In ancient Egypt, there was a well-established principle that a replica of something could be a magical stand-in for the real item. Tombs contained miniature houses and boats. Even servants- the ushabti, of course. In temples, the same principle applied. … Continue reading

Bes, the Little God. (Pagan Blog Project 2012 #3)

Bes, the God of Protection

Bes, the God of Protection My friends Satsekhem and Shefytbast have already written ‘B’ posts on Bes, but he certainly deserves one more. Check them out if you haven’t read them yet. A Bes statue… Bes was one of the … Continue reading

Link: The Case for Love.

Unconditional Love?

Was there unconditional love in ancient Egypt? My friend Devo wrote another excellent post, this time on the existence of Unconditional Love in ancient Egypt, and how it can relate to our lives today. The Case for Love – The … Continue reading