Karenga Quote: Either / or thinking



“Either-or thinking in critical analysis is almost always problematic, but in analyzing Kemetic thought, it is rarely, if ever, useful.” -Maat, The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt by Maulana Karenga

Set Theory 1.1

The Land Divided I’ve been reading H. Te Velde’s Seth, God of Confusion. It’s excellent, and is probably the major study of Set at this point. There’s a point in the Contendings in which Geb tries to make peace by … Continue reading

Kemetic Orthodox Dua- Tepy-Semdet (Full Moon Festival)

Tepy-Semdet Offering Table The evening of June 15, the House of Netjer held one of their online Duas, via IRC chat. I enjoy these, even though they’re done remotely as text-only. Knowing that other people around the globe are doing … Continue reading

Coffin Text #1130

Map of the netherworld from the coffin of Gua, from Deir el-Bersha, Egypt. 1985-1795 BC.  Ra says: Proceed in peace, that I may repeat to you the good deeds that my heart has done in the midst of the coiled one … Continue reading

Wepwawet / Djehuty project, after the Festival

And the bribes continue. My friend has been getting very good news, hearing that they were very impressed in the interview. Final confirmation is the last stage of the actual petitioning process, and we’re still working on that. Unbalanced Offering? … Continue reading

Naydler Quote: Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts #1

It was because of the perceived mystical basis of ancient Egyptian religion that across the ancient Greek and Hellenistic world, ancient Egypt had a reputation for being the fountainhead of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Many Greek and Roman accounts of … Continue reading

Quote from Maen

 Maen is a House of Netjer member in Germany. After talking about Nut vs Hethert-as-day-sky-Goddess: Don’t you just love Kemetic theology? It’s like a kaleidoscope: twist it but a little, and another beautiful picture tumbles into place. Made up of … Continue reading